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Support Local Whitehorse has been set up as an entirely free community resource, to provide a helping hand for small business owners right across the City of Whitehorse during the COVID-19 crisis.
Please click the button below to access our listing form, and get your business in front of hundreds or thousands of local residents for FREE!
NOTHING on this site has been charged for, and it will stay that way while the crisis continues.
However, there is a limit to how much we can do for free, and we recognise that some businesses may want to go further.

For those that are ready …

RIGHT NOW is actually a BRILLIANT time to invest in online marketing!
You’ve probably realised already that your potential customers are spending unprecedented amounts of time online and on social media while being stuck at home. How visible is your business to this captive audience?
What you may not know is that it is easier right now than it has been in years to get their attention – despite more people spending more time online than ever before, competition for their attention is actually DOWN! Many companies are reducing or eliminating spend to save money, driving advertising costs down across the board.
All that adds up to now being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to zig while your less informed competitors are zagging. You can get exceptional “bang for your buck”, and position yourself right at the front of your market now and for when the inevitable rebound comes.
If you would like to learn more about what you could do in this market, we at Uncommon Local can help. We can draw on more than a decade of experience bringing more customers and more revenue to local businesses, to help YOU thrive in the current environment.
Business Owners: Are You Ready To Go Beyond SLW?