Small businesses in Whitehorse need your support!

While we recognise that social distancing and other restrictions are necessary to save lives during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s already very clear that the economic, social and emotional toll will be huge.
At times like this, local communities are critically important. By joining forces, sharing resources and providing a helping hand to our families, friends and neighbours wherever and whenever we can, we can all help each other through.
One section of our community that will be particularly hard hit financially is the small business sector. Some have already closed, and it is likely that many more will have to close in the coming weeks and months either because they are forced to by the government, or they simply go out of business.
However, others are already finding new ways to deliver their goods and services and continue to serve the community, for example by offering services online or delivering food that we might previously have eaten out.
The purpose of this website is to highlight as many of the small businesses in the City of Whitehorse as we can, and encourage as many members of the Whitehorse community as possible to help support them. These are the cafes, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, yoga studios and hundreds of other local businesses that are run by our families, friends and neighbours.
Please do what you can to support these hard working members of our community, by buying their goods and services. This is the time when your custom is needed most!
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